About Us

At SUMC Preschool in Clifton Park, NY,  we know the fundamental mode of learning is through play.  We educate the whole child with active and authentic learning experiences. We use developmentally appropriate practices that use a child directed approach to their early childhood education.  We not only prepare children for Kindergarten* but for life.  We treat each child as the special 2, 3, 4, or 5 year old that they are. 

Our mission is to provide high quality Christian education; helping children thrive academically, socially, physically and spiritually. 

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*Development Can Not Be Rushed. "Reaching the age of 5 is a milestone that should not and cannot be rushed. Rather, those first five years are a time to luxuriate in all that a child accomplishes. This is not a time to push academics or try to  "get a child ready" for Kindergarten. Making a 4 year old do Kindergarten work so they will be ready for Kindergarten is as absurd a concept as having a 2 month old baby practice standing so he can walk at 14 months! Birth to 5 years is a treasured time- a time when children are allowed to be children."

-NYS Early Childhood Advisory Council 

Children Playing
Child playing