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For link to enrollment application, please email
or contact the Preschool Director at or 518-383-2605


2 Year Old Playgroup

(2 or 3 Day Options)

Our 2 Year Old Playgroup may be your child's first educational experience.  We welcome your child into a safe, loving environment that allows them to feel secure and enjoy their new friends and surroundings.   Our Playgroup is an introduction to color, shape, and number recognition.  Our teachers work with your child on developing large and small motor skills, as well as social development. . Each day the children enjoy stories, music, finger plays, art and outdoor play.  

3 Year Old Program

(2, 3, 4 or 5 Day Options)

The 3 Year Old Program is designed to prepare children to grow confidence in their learning of colors, numbers, letters, shapes and developmentally appropriate learning concepts.  The children participate in interactive circle time, small and large group activities, music, creative movement, indoor and outdoor play, Chapel, as well as themed learning centers.   Our 3 Year Old Program provides learning experiences that enable children to become more socially, academically and emotionally independent.  

Pre-K Program

(3, 4 or 5 Day Options)

SUMC Preschool has developed a literacy based curriculum rich in content knowledge that provides interactive, hands-on learning experiences.  Daily math, phonics, and reading lessons are interspersed with age-appropriate music, science, language arts, social studies, and handwriting segments.   The children enjoy art, creative movement, indoor and outdoor play, Chapel, and circle time.  Our teachers work diligently to provide an environment where a love of learning is fostered.  The combination of a joyous learning environment and academic rigor creates a strong foundation for success in Kindergarten and beyond.

STREAMS Enrichment Program

"The Imagineers Club"

In this enrichment program, children will explore the world around us through the specific lens of Science, Technology, Recreation, Art, Engineering, Mathematics and Socialization (STREAMS).  We will innovate, create, question and explore. 


Almost everything we experience and encounter is connected to STREAMS.  The Imagineers Club will provide your child the opportunity to immerse themselves in these connections via an exploration-based environment while having fun and making new friends!

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